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Dans lombre du Secret Mary Alice Monroe

Dans lombre du Secret

Mary Alice Monroe

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 About the Book 

This is this cover I have but it is not a Kindle edition, but a paperback by Mira.However it doesnt seem to be on the site so rather than fuss around,I have just gone with this so you see the cover.Different moods and times call for different books. Sometimes you just want a book that is not a literary masterpiece, is not heavy or thought provoking but will just let you escape into it for a few hours and get lost in the lives of the characters. I found that with this story of the Season sisters, Jillian, Beatrice, Rose and Meredith, or Jilly, Birdie, Rose and Merry as they are more commonly known. Jilly, Birdie and Rose have gathered at the family home for the funeral of their youngest sister Meredith. It is Merry’s final request that initially sparks anger, but in the end will be the catalyst for a search that will uncover secrets, resentments, guilt and feelings long covered over which have simmered under the surface for a number of years.Over the course of the journey the sisters learn more about themselves and their family. I was happy to go along on this journey with them, even though at times I did find things a little predictable or that they worked out a bit too neatly. I liked the way how, as the story went on, more of the characters and their pasts were revealed and I liked the way the relationships developed over the story. It’s not only the relationships between the sisters but also between Birdie and her husband and daughter that need change. There is a romance element or two in the book but the scene with the massage and rose petals could have been left out. It was superfluous. But all in all I enjoyed the story and laughed and shed a tear or two along the way. Someone had written on the back of my library copy, brilliant. While I wouldnt quite go that far, it was a good escapist read and sometimes that’s all you want.