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Bible Camp Randel McGirr

Bible Camp

Randel McGirr

Published May 4th 2007
Kindle Edition
174 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Kurt and Kyle are two boys who get stuck going to Bible Camp during their summer vacation. At first it is merely annoying to have to listen to the rants of crazy religious leaders. Why couldnt they just go to a basketball camp like normal kids their age? The boys realize that things are going off the deep end when the leaders of the camp start speaking in tongues. But this is only the beginning of Kurts and Kyles adventures in religious loony land.The leader of the camp, known as Pam to the campers, has ambitions of expanding the camp so that she can better serve the Lord. The trouble is that she believes that the Lord wants her to resort to drastic means to attain this goal. She says that there is a spiritual war going on and during times of war drastic measures are required.Local law enforcement buys into Pams scheme and the boys find themselves in quite a predicament when they discover that Pam and her henchman, Pastor Pete, are quite willing to frame an innocent man in order to achieve their ambitions. Will Kurt and Kyle be able to stop Pams plan or will they become casualties of her deluded aspirations? Evil is never done so thoroughly as when it is done with a clear conscience. Pam is completely convinced that she is just doing the Lords will!